Friday, December 15, 2006


monologue shot

no facial animation yet
only simple puppet mouth
also the the animation on the helmet is still pretty rough

concentrated on the body movements
facials will come after the holidays

bling bling

Saturday, November 18, 2006


another pantomime animation
still some things to iron out
but i gotta start showing things

when i find the time i will fix:
a little more animation at the beginning to have a clearer intro
most of all - snappier stand up
eyes are still very soft
needs more pepper
on the sitdown there is some wonkyness on the head but thats an easy fix
placeholder for some not yet finished stuff
just to keep things cronological

first term

well the first term is over

thats what i did managed to animate

you need quicktime7 since its the new 264 codec for small size and fast download

the better looking but way bigger sorensen3 can be found here
this one should also work with old quicktime versions

now for real

need something not too public to show stuff to friends

well at least i call em friends
you never know these days, right ?
i mean cesar was killed by his friends, isnt it ?
well at least he was able to say goodbye to them
must be terrible if you just die and cant say goodbye to anybody

here it is . .
my private animation oriented blog

. . . . . . . i just hope i can edit my stupid posts afterwards

this is about animation
not about fancy modelling or texturing or rendering