Monday, August 20, 2007

MoorHuhn Schaztjaeger 3 released !

one of the Games I worked on at RabCat has been released !
so i can finally pop it on my blog - yay

Thats the Game

Its not a high end Game or anything but it was supergreat from the Animation Point of View.
Ability to animate to the camera, because it is a 2D game
cartoony animation
variable fps - it is a web-downloadable game, so the fewer images used for a move, the better (smaller filesize). Some of the moves are only 8 frames in total ! That was an interesting experience.

I will do a screencapture and render the animations bigger so you can see the animations properly
right now its a little crazy timewise


Henk said...

Hi man, played the game for a bit and watched some of your anims. Very nice work. Polished, nice arcs, and fun. Must`ve been cool animating these :]

Kris Staber said...

yeah this game was by far the most fun thing - also worked on two next gen projects and they were by far not as much fun as that one

Anonymous said...

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