Tuesday, April 29, 2008

11seconds april 2008


doing some acting excersise
its a new software i am learning too (reflex) so i am still a bit struggling
only one more day to go - so dont expect too much

allright i submitted :
(well its still wip but hey, a deadline is a deadline)

click - submitted version (400x300)
click - proper sized version (800x600 - 2.5mb)


Anonymous said...

ahhahah great stuff....
nice attitude : ))
1 thing that I think you might change is the lower back as he's anticipating to get up, and getting up from the chair... it seems too straight... his upper back is bent down but lower is just too straight.. it would be nice to have his whole back curved and then straightened as he stands on his feet...

which software is that??

Nenad said...

ps. I have a blogger account just didnt use it for 2 years...